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Terms and Conditions


2017 Lock and Key Collective: Terms and Conditions

You must be 21 years or older to join. All purchases are FOB Bottlecraft. Pick-up purchases take place in San Diego, California, thus CA (San Diego area) sales tax will be applied to all orders at a rate of 8%. Anyone picking up beer must be at least 21 years old, not intoxicated at the time of order fulfillment and able to verify their age. If you are outside of California and wish to join, you will need to designate a trustee within California who is over 21 years of age to pick-up your beers or make travel arrangements to pick up your orders in accordance with pick up deadlines. Bottlecraft is not responsible for, and will not issue refunds for any beer released to your designated trustee.

Membership benefits are for the entire calendar year. Discounts may not be available for all products, events, or other items and are subject to change. Bottlecraft may change prices (including, membership price or retail prices). Members engage trustees at their own risk. Trustees are expected to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Bottlecraft reserves the right to reject a member’s trustee and not to release beer to a trustee for any reason, in Bottlecraft’s sole discretion. Bottlecraft is not responsible for and will not issue refunds for any purchases that have been picked up by a member or their trustee. If beer has not been picked up before the stated deadlines, it may be disposed of in Bottlecraft’s sole discretion, without refund or exchange.

Cancellation of Membership

Memberships are not transferrable and may not be cancelled or terminated by members for any reason. Bottlecraft reserves the right to cancel and terminate a membership at any time and for any reason. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to, abuse of state or federal alcohol related laws, furnishing alcohol to a minor, suspected or actual reselling of membership beer at other retail establishments or online, or other reasons that Bottlecraft may determine in its sole discretion. If Bottlecraft cancels your membership, your sole recourse is limited to a refund of your initial fees minus the retail value of any product included with your membership that have not already been picked up by you, or released.

Thank you for your support! Cheers!