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Posted: Feb 27 2017
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick of the Week | Russell

STAFF PICK: Russell | Topa Topa Black Wing

Topa Topa Brewing Co. has been making beer in Ventura since June 2015.  We recently met up and picked up some of their High West Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, Black Wing.  Black Wing pours dark and opaque with a tan/burlap colored head.  The nose is not harsh like other boozy stouts, but rather warm and rounded.  The taste is molasses-y fig and chocolate covered raisins with a light coffee roast.  The flavor from the barrel is unique in that it’s characteristics enter mid to late palate opposed to being the first thing you taste, like in a common BA stout.  Black Wing coats the mouth and gives off a nice viscosity, enhancing the melted chocolate and fig flavors.  Being from the area himself, Russell is proud of where Ventura beer is going and has seen a big change in the community thanks to Topa Topa.  Stop by and snag one today!

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