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Posted: Dec 12 2016
by: Bottlecraft Beer

Staff Pick of the Week | Josh

Port Brewing Mongo

"Mongo, remember Mongo? It seems that, often, the proliferation of an industry leaves little time for revisitation to the flagships, forbears and cornerstones that are a part of its fabric. I find the exchange of nostalgia for newness to be especially prevalent within the business of craft beer — where there's a constant popularity flux in styles and even styles within styles (what's up Northeast IPA's, I love you and will try and remember you when favor changes), it can be hard to keep up. Port Brewing's Mongo has rightfully been on our shelves from the day we opened, it's a classic example of the West Coast IPA, brewed with all of the best C hops and a dash of Simcoe. Mongo is piney from sip to swallow, with underlying citrus and a little bit of sweet maltiness. Years back, this was one of the first beers that helped me DIPA my toes into hoppy beer (yep, Dad puns). Last week we received the first batch of Mongo cans, and it's tasting as great as ever, pick up a 6-pack today!"

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